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What is this site?

Identity Manipulation is a technique in which you learn to manipulate your sense of self. It is often used to take advantage of your mind's idle thoughts to create the sensation of speaking to another being in your head. This site serves as a directory of guides on how you can manipulate your identity.



A few years ago I stumbled onto a community that promised the creation of an independent and sentient person in your head. I tried it out, and while I found many of their claims disappointing and rooted in delusion, I also discovered that there was a kernel of truth to the madness and kept at things, paying attention to my own experiences and explaining what I felt was going on as I did.

After years of the above, identity manipulation is the result.

With my attempts, I've managed to create the sensation that there is another self in my mind which can be spoken to and which I can experience speaking back to me. Holding up the impression is difficult at times, but I slowly make progress as I practice with the topic more and more, developing my ideas and expanding the horizon as I do so.

I share my experiences here in hopes I might inspire others to try to re-create them.

Featured Guide
By following this guide you will train yourself to habitually think using perspective of another person. Afterwards, you will learn to train your mind to produce the feeling that those thoughts belong to an identity that isn't you. Applied correctly these two skills allow you to create the sensation of having someone in your head which you can speak to at a moment's notice.
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